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EXILIS® Skin Tightening Treatment

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Clinically Proven & FDA-approved technology

Recovery time:None

Expected results: Approx. 14 days


With an array of skin tightening treatments, the Exilis® Skin Tightening stands apart from the pack, leveraging on monopolar, focused RF with advanced cooling to precisely deliver heat energy into deep tissue layers of the skin without causing damage to the outer skin. The heat ramps up the metabolic activity in every cell and promotes collagen remodelling to painlessly improve skin laxity, reduced fine lines and wrinkles. There is no need for any anaesthetic cream nor is there any downtime.


BTL Aesthetics, the company behind the Exilis® Skin Tightening technology, was awarded the top shaping company in 2015. This second generation of the Exilis® Elite technology builds on an already well-established and proven system that delivers twice the power of the regular elite model.


The Exilis® Skin Tightening should not be a painful treatment. Many patients have commented that the procedure feels like a warm comfortable massage, and most of our patients look forward to their session.

*The response to treatments are variable, therefore can vary.


The Exilis® Skin Tightening is scientifically proven, FDA-approved and clinically tested globally. There have been no significant side effects reported with the treatment. While some patients may see visible results after a session, optimum results can be seen after 4 to 6 sessions. Recent clinical studies support these claims, yielding excellent results.

*The response to treatments are variable, therefore results can vary.

1. Two-Treatment Protocol for Skin Laxity Using 90-Watt Dynamic Monopolar Radiofrequency Device With Real-Time Impedance Monitoring, David McDaniel M.D., Robert Weiss M.D., Margaret Weiss M.D., Chris Mazur B.S., and Charmaine Griffin CCRP. Sept 2014, Journal of Drugs in Dermatology. Vol. 13:9. Pages 1112-1117

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