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3D Jaw Lift

Botox Masseter

A squarish jaw line can be treated with BOTOX® in some cases as it could be contributed to large chewing muscles sitting at the corner of our jaw. BOTOX® shrinks the muscles for approximately 6 – 9 months, allowing our natural slimmer jawline to show through. This can give a perception of weight loss and better proportions of our face size relative to our body size.


Derma lift

Minute injections of btx are placed at skin level all over the face to cause skin contraction and tightening.* The effect is immediately visible and also improves over 1 week.*


Chin Filler

Chin filler augmentation can create a more defined 3D shape of the chin– not only able to bring the chin forward for those with receding chins (retrognathia) but also make it sharper and/or longer for those with short, small chins (micrognathia). This can give the face the ideal V shaped face everyone desires.

Chin filler augmentation may sometimes have a advantage over chin implant surgery in being able to create a more beautiful shape.*



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