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3D Nose Lift


A non-surgical method of enhancing the bridge of the nose is to use various types of fillers. These fillers are usually temporary but their appeal is that the results are immediate and there is no downtime. There is a new generation of long-lasting fillers which can give a more lasting result. However, these are usually reserved for patients who already have a firm idea of the nose shape they desire.



Nose Thread lift can improve your nose contours and also enhance the shape and height of your nose without surgery.


*Filler + Thread *

Nose fillers can be done in combination with nose thread lift to yield a better and longer lasting outcome. Once threads are inserted into the nose where filler has been placed, they act as a scaffolder to hold the filler in place for a longer period of time. Combining the two treatment can immediately raise the nose bridge and lift the nose tip. Outcome is better and longer lasting than using filler alone.



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