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Clean And Clear Treatment

Q Switch

The Q-switched laser is used to remove unwanted brown spots, sun freckles, or tattoos from your skin. The laser energy pulse, which is in billionths of a second, releases the pigment into the skin so it can be naturally reabsorbed and disposed of by the body. The laser energy feels like many tiny hot dots on your skin.



Almost everyone has a vascular or pigmented lesion on their face or body. Some are caused by ageing and other by sun exposure .Treatment is performed using light's hand piece. Targeted areas absorb the applied light, breaking the pigmented lesion into tiny particles which then appear to rise to surface of the skin as scabs that are naturally exfoliated within 1-2 weeks.


*Whitening Serum *

Whitening serum is a skin-bleaching agent that is used to lighten areas of darkened skin such as freckles, chloasma  (also known as melasma), age spots, and acne scars.


Sun Protective SPF 35 PA ++

Ultrafine brightening and anti wrinkles. Prevent UVA and UVB damage to skin.




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