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Body Contouring: The Finishing Touch after You Slim Down
-01/03/2016 (8 Medical Aesthetic Clinic)

You finally achieved your goals for slimming down through exercise and diet – just don’t look under your chin or at your love handles. It’s very frustrating for those who have worked hard to be in shape but not be able to lose some stubborn fat pockets.
Excess Fat versus Fat Loss
Fat stores energy. Not only is fat more difficult to get energy from, making the body prefer other sources like the body’s sugar before using fat, fat cells in problem areas also get used up at slower rates compared with other fat cells. Other factors like being older, your genes, and some hormones may also make it more difficult for you to achieve permanent fat loss.

Body Contouring: 8 Myths and the Truth
-16/02/2015 (8 Medical Aesthetic Clinic)

Excess fat and skin may be removed by body contouring, improving aesthetics by helping people achieve a more desirable or natural shape. Extreme forms of body contouring may be recommended after major weight loss when excess skin and fat can no longer "shrink back." These are surgical and may include body, breast, arm, and thigh lifts. Not everyone requires extreme body contouring, and non-surgical (non-invasive) options are available! These include low level laser therapy, ultrasound, and radiofrequency treatments like Exilis and Exilis Elite. These tone bodies, getting rid of stubborn fat in love handles, belly fat, and other pockets of fat resistant to exercise and diet. To avoid misinformation, here are eight myths and the truth about non-invasive body contouring.

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