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Nose Threadlift

Nose ThreadLift is a way of enhancing the shape of the nose and improving its contours, without any surgery. It is especially suited to straighten the nose, give a contoured definition and also works as a crooked nose treatment. The nose threadlift helps to achieve a higher nose bridge and also to lift the nose tips.


Anesthetic cream is applied on the treatment area prior to the procedure. Doctor will inject local anesthesia on the treated area as well. Nose threadlift takes only about 20~30 minutes and can be performed under local anesthesia on a specific spot. It's a minimally invasive option that could add natural dimension to your face and bring your nose to its perfection. The threads used are called PDO (polydixanone) and they are completely absorbed over time. As they dissolve, these ultra-fine threads create new tissue fibroblasts and collagen, giving a tightening effect and further enhancing the nose contour.

Suitable Patients:
The procedure is suitable for anyone who has not gone for rhinoplasty. It's an ideal solution for those seeking a non-surgical means to straighten nose or to fix crooked noses.

Possible Results To Expect:

  • Straighter contour definition
  • Raising the nose bridge
  • Lifting the nose tip

The results of the Nose Threadlift generally last from 1 to 2 years. For best results, 1 repeat treatment at 6 to 12 months is highly recommended. As to the number of threads required for optimal results, it depends greatly from one individual to the other. The optimal number of threads will be advised by our doctors after consultation.

Is it painful?  

After the injection, you will feel almost nothing. It's non-surgicalminimally invasive with low downtime. Only local anaesthesia and topical numbing cream is required during the process of straightening the nose or for crooked nose treatment. Virtually no side effects and downtime (Results vary based on the individual) (subject to individual). Downtime could be minimal swelling but the recovery period is very short. You may return to your regular activities the next day.

What is the difference between nose threadlift and nose fillers?

  • Lasts longer compared to fillers,
  • Give you a sharp and straight nose bridge.



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