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Non-invasive Facelift Package
Don’t let saggy jowls drag you down. Around your 40s, you may start to notice the development of one of the most dreaded signs of aging: jowls. That sagging skin that begins to form along your jawline is caused by a loss of facial volume. Luckily, there are a number of ways to slow the progression of jowls before they drag you too far down. The Facelift Package is specially designed to rejuvenate the entire face, firm, tone and lift, improving skin laxity and texture.

Non-invasive Facelift Package: RF Facelift + RF Double Chin

Brides-to-Be Package
It’s your special day and you need to look and feel perfect! We have put together a special beauty package for our Brides-to-Be to ensure that you are preened to perfection top-to-toe. Our RF Facelift utilizing radio frequency technology will help to improve wrinkles and tighten the skin before your special day. Whether you will be wearing a strapless wedding gown or a bustier, your body is just as important as your face. Cellulite and flabs is something every bride has or will deal with at some point or another. If you suffer from it, or at least want to prevent it from ruining your wedding and honeymoon, we have a solution for you here. And don’t forget your neck and hands...one of the tell-tale signs of ageing.

Brides-to-Be Package: RF Facelift + RF Neck + RF Hands + RF Body Contouring

Post-Natal Package
Does your tummy still look pregnant, even though you had your baby months ago? Most mothers have at least one or more body areas of concern. The most common areas include the tummy, muffin top and love handles. Our customised treatment package will help you to regain your confidence and body shape back in no time.

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